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Suffolk County Green Tea Party?

Posted on October 5, 2014 at 3:10 PM


Libertarians Have Candidates but no Line.

The Suffolk County Green Party Has Had a Line for (4) Years,

But No  Local Candidates.

Our solution to No Choice Fusion Politics Is a

Suffolk County Green Tea Party


One (I) Candidate/per One (1)1 Line

Suffolk County Green Party, NY met Sept. 20, 2-5pm at the Patchogue Library to elect new office holders. Attorney Chris Garvey joined the Green Party on September 20, 2014 and was elected Vice-Chairman by a 5 to 4 vote. Marissa Pizza, Press Secretary, cast the deciding vote.

Although Garvey regards himself as having a libertarian (with a small l) worldview and philosophy; he also sees the possibility and strength of a Green Party and Libertarian Party alliance.

Garvey has associated with many Greens for years. For example, he participates in Peacesmiths meetings because he is against using taxpayers money to raid and occupy foreign countries. He is against the use of force against these countries and respects their sovereignty and self-determination. Further, he doesn't want to pillage their God given resources.

Chris Garvey has always been open minded and is not necessarily in agreement with some of the utopian ideals of either Party - Libertarian or Green. He brings realistic, civil and informed dialogue to the political table all the time with social harmony in mind - a value most Greens hold.

Green Party Vice Chairman Chris Garvey brings new blood with brilliant ideas to facilitate all Four Pillars of the Green Party including ecological wisdom. For example he wants to grow hemp as fuel. He points out as an added benefit, the growth process utilizes carbon dioxide which Greens want to reduce. We can make clothing with Hemp as well he adds.

Also, he wants economic justice and is even expressed and interest in the promotion of Employee-owned Cooperatives, a State Bank, which does not work with the Federal Reserve System(the FED). See our economics pages on the menubar on the top of this page.

Garvey is squarely against Corporate Welfare as is Ralph Nader, a former Green Party Presidential Candidate.  Also, worth noting, , Garvey compassionately supports social welfare in these times of austerity.

Garvey has a wealth of experience to offer Greens, who according to their Ten (10) Key values promote "social harmony." Harmonizing with others including Libertarians and other Parties' disgruntled members is a good exercise for the Green Party in general.  Again Garvey provides a calm and cool example for other Greens to follow.

Promoting "social harmony" and inclusiveness among independent minded thinkers is truly what Grassroots Democracy is about because it encourages participatory democracy. After all, isn't it true and according to Green philosophy, isn't it the right of all individuals (a diverse group) to express and contribute his or her ideas and opinions without judgement?

Greens need to expand their welcome to any individuals who want to challenge establishment Democrats and Republican incumbents and candidates.  Certainly, Chris Garvey wants to give voters an alternative candidate to support.

Newly elected Vice-Chairman Chris Garvey has worked with the Green Party before. He joined in on a law suit filed by the Green Party, as a co-plaintiff, representing Libertarians.  The law suit was won.

Garvey's extensive work and collaboration with Greens and other 3rd Parties on the law suit resulted in victory. The Judge in the case made the New York State Board of Elections count and keep a running total of New York Citizens who chose to be "Green." Thus the Green Party would have access to a listing of its members as the other recognized Parties do.

Newly elected Green Party Vice Chairman Chris Garvey joined the Green Party to help the Party stir up registered Green Party candidates to run against Democrat and Republican Party candidates who now have a stranglehold on New York Politics.

You must be a Green Party member to run on the Green Party line - row "F".  Showing integrity, the Green Party is the only Party which runs its own members and does not endorse the same old establishment Republican and Democrat Party Bosses' choices.

These two major Parties now have a duopoly on New York State politics - some would say a monopoly because these candidates are interchangeable crony corporatists much of the time. Thus the voter is left with no real choice and left holding the empty bag.

Green Party Vice Chair Chris Garvey wants to enlist you as a Green candidate, but remember, you need to switch to the Green Party or register in the Green Party before October 10, 2014.

Join the Party and help and support newly elected Green Party Chairman Attorney Chris Garvey to facilitate real change and a real choice on the ballot in 2015.

Another Missed Opportunity:                          There will be a Brookhaven Town                          Special Election November 4, 2014 and        No Green Party Candidate Again.

Greens again missed an opportunity to place a name on their line.  The deadline to do it passed on September 18th two days before Garvey's election.  No Green Candidates again.  Too bad. 

One Green Party member who didn't attend the September 20th Green Party business meeting said, "The Green Party is dead.  Why have a Party if there is no one to vote for?"

For instance, if you lived in the 5th Council District in the Town of Brookhaven, and you were a Green Party rank and file member, you could have become a candidate to run in the 5th Council District of the Town of Brookhaven on November 4, 2014 in a Special Election to be held the same day as the General Election. You wouldn't even have needed to get petitions signed.

Green Party Chairman Roger Snyder and Secretary Ian Wilder could have simply written your name on a nominating form.  But they don't want to do Special Elections, according to what they said on tape in an January 2, 2013 Brookhaven Town Green Party meeting.  What are these bosses thinking?  Unbelievable, ya think?

At least Suffolk County taxpayers won't have to pay a bundle to replace Brookhaven's 5th Councilman Tim Mazzei, who resigned prematurely before his term ended to run for Judge. 

Why would Mazzei resign prematurely from  the office for which he was elected. Because  he is running uncontested for one of the two district judge seats which will give him a humungous salary with large pension to follow.  Democrat, Republican, Independence and Conservative Party Bosses all put him on their lines.  How could he lose?  No Green Candidates in that election either!

6/20/14 Empire State Building Evicts WBAI & Report with the Listeners

Posted on June 20, 2014 at 6:35 PM

June Juneteenth, 2014 Report with WBAI Listeners

Ask Gary Null to help us get our own listening stream phone number at WBAI like his (401) number among the many others which he has to get his "millions" of listeners when people are not near their radios. Get us a number that will be of no cost to listeners, some who only have land lines and no computers.  The number should be a direct link to WBAI programs and not a number under the umbrella of Gary Null's PRN.  Not a minute too soon. There's no time to waste because in the....

June 20, 2014 News:

Pacifica Foundation's Executive Director Bernard Duncan writes in his report to the National Board: "Payments of May and June rental on the transmission facility on the Empire State Building have been paid, but returned indicating an imminent eviction. We are working on alternatives. National Office staff are working with New York staff to move transmission for The Empire State Building to Time Square with a resultant cost saving of almost two third. Members will be kept informed of developments."*

This is Berthold Reimers fault.  Ask him to resign.

  No transmitter, No WBAI.

Petition Sharonne Salaam

to volunteer to replace Berthold

The 6/19/14 Report to the Listeners Con't:

Callers over the years have made some of the same complaints they did on 6/19/14. In fact, callers repeatedly told Berthold Reimers to find a less expensive site to house the transmitter which cost , but no - one excuse after the other was made by Berthold Reimers, Katherine Davis and their crew which operated with champaign tastes and only a beer budget.  

Now we are forced out and somehow Andrea Katz is able to line up another location for only $12,500/month.    Think, we could been spending that instead of  $50,000/month all along the rent for the Empire State Building site.

Berthold Reimers, Gereral Manager and all the producers wanted to reach four states instead of serving just the New York area.  We think New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island activists should get their own station.  In fact, the federal government is giving licenses for community groups to do just that.  The money is just not there for a far reaching channel at this time.  Keep it Local but Keep it.

Again, the people (callers) want the music from 10am-12noon (Mon.-Fri) moved to other time slots for the juneteenth time.  Now it interupts the flow.  And all Berthold Reimers has to say is, " A lot of people have said that." 

Tony Bates took away the programming we liked during those two hours.  During every report to the listeners, a caller will talk about the destruction that Tony Bates did.  Today two callers did- one directly and one indirectly.  Incidently, Pacifica sent Tony Bates to do his thing in Wahington, D.C..  Sabatage!  Luckily, he is finally gone.

Berthold Reimers was fired by Summer Reese to her credit.  To his discredit, he sued and got his job back.  What power is in back of him?  Berthold, we don't want you.  You're not cabable of leading us.  You asked us today, "Where to take WBAI from here."  We don't trust you.  You came on with Tony Bates and have been certainly a part of the destruction along with him - which although already in progress was accelerated by the two of you.  Forget about Bernard White and his prejudice against white people and alleged money missing from the budget. 

Why can't these people - WBAI producers and boards - work together according to the mission statement of Pacifica and overcome the sabateurs among themselves?  Shout Justice and Unity till the cows come home; you're all uncivilized! Unity?????? Smunity!!!! Justice and Unity is just another faction led by Bernard White who said he thinks selling WBAI is a good idea.  We think Gary Byrd is behind this too.

Use the Commons Room at 388 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn for fundraisers like caller Jeremiah wanted to do - where the volunteer comes up with the idea and runs with it - getting all the resources and people needed to carry out the idea without taking WBAI staff's time.

Ife' Dancy could have her weekly gigs at "The Commons" room and raise money for WBAI instead of giving free advertising time to the club she regularly works at.  That club should pay WBAI for ad time if they are so big.

After each show, have the producer ask for WBAI Buddies. Do not limit the monthly gift to $15. Rather, ask for unlimited regular monthly gifts, always after every show 365 days a year.

WBAI has fund drives 1 out of every three days of the year.  It has got to stop the Premium is the show.  Get the super-rich to progressively give and stop nickling and dimeing those who go from paycheck to paycheck if they are lucky.

Lay off the rest of the staff.  You don't think Gary Null pays his producers or engineers, do you?  Get volunteers to do the work like Cohen and Steve Brown.  Don't like them, do you say?  Well how about you answer the phones and volunteer at 388 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn.  Mitch Cohen is there sometime.  Then we'll suggest that you - instead of them - replace some of the paid staff on a volunteer basis until WBAI has its footing.  

Andea Katz "Marketing Strategy

Corporatizing WBAI"

Andrea has another job teaching; she could volunteer like Katherine Davis. However,....

Andrea Katz needs to listen to herself speak about the box she has cornered herself in laying bear the seeds of and the contradictions of Capitalism at WBAI in her "Corporate Model of fund-raising that does not build community."

First she tells us that foundations don't like giving money to projects which may not last -like WBAI. Then she tells us she send out thousands of applications to such foundations.

Andrea Katz is a teacher. She has a degree in marketing. How much money has she brought in? Give listeners totals. We need to see results. She should give up her salary at WBAI and volunteer.

Perhaps, Andre Katz could run for City Council and work for the people. In fact, many of the people who work or volunteer at WBAI would make good elected officials.  But Andrea mentioned attempting to get money from the elected politicians and said that was now looking dim.  Is that a good idea in the first place?

Frankly, Ian Wilder, Secretary for the Suffolk County Green Party said something to the effect that WBAI is a lackey for the Democratic Party and Obama. 

For example, Charles Rangel was on "On the Count" today.  Where was his opponent?  Did Charley send him to vacation in one of those condominiums in the Caribbean that Rangel wrangled at taxpayer expense?  We think not!  Send Charley Rangel packing.  Fire Charley Rangel June 24, 2014 in the Democratic Primary.   

So getting anything but anonymous contributions from all politicians should be off the table, Andrea Katz.  Otherwise, it looks like we are obliged to Democrats.

The caller who was a church minister was "right on" in everything he said about Andrea Katz. We think both she and Berthold Reimers should resign and volunteers replace them.

Berthold Reimers might be better at Andrea Katz job as Developmental Director but even that is even questionable; his idea of reaching out to Black churches had promise. How about White ones too - that is if you can find a homogeneous black or white church in NYC?  He did mention the 10 cent 50 cent Annual book sale.  :)  Wow ! That'll raise a ton. Reimers lacks vision; he is not a leader we can get behind.  Does Reimers want to turn WBAI into a religious station? Who is behind that? 

Actually, gracious Dalton Anderson, host of "High Praise" took off with Zabby's idea at the the end of his show Sunday June 15, 2014. Dalton asked for a million dollar contributor. Dalton is a positive energy for WBAI and Berthold Reimers brought him into the fold to the conternation of many.  Perhaps Dalton Anderson would be better and could volunteer as Developmental Director.

Thanks to Bob Lederer we got an answer to question about the status of WBAI in the eyes of the new management at Pacifica Foundation, California.  Berthold Reimers said "he doesn't pay attention to that" and "keeps his head down." Another reason for him to go. 

Bob Lederer pointed out what amounts to the fact that the local station board is still dysfunctional - all four "Sustainability Plans" went down the drain because the Local Board could not agree on anything. 

Last February, Lederer said, the National Board, which wants to disown WBAI, gave us a chance to come up with a sustainability plan.  There was a deadline.  Four plans evolved.  Lederer reported that last week the local board voted down the one which utilized all four.   What's the beef? 

Bylaws should be passed nationally to do away with Local Boards like ours at WBAI because they are obstructive, dysfunctional and hostile not to mention factuous.  These factions divide; they are ethnocentric - pitting black against latinos; blacks against whites, and Whites against latinos (listen to Howard Jordon for a good example of reverse racism).  No love lost at thse Local Board meetings.  Brotherhood, Sisterhood doubleWB!S!  Not to mention the dismissal of women! 

The National Foundation should collect all monies and pay all bills.  In other words, finances could be centralized in California.  Berthold Reimers doesn't know how to manage money. 

In fact, rumor is that WBAI lost Delphine Blue because she was in a female, male entanglement with none other than Berthold Reimers.  Was that entanglement or could it have been perceived as sexual harassment?   After all, there are actual sexual harrassment suits against Pacifica Foundation taking it down as well. 

Many a woman in a hostile media working environment of sexual harrassment has left her art.  Why is Berthold Reimers still there when Bethold Reimers had been fired - perhaps for that? 

Is Berthold Reimers still there because he usually can talk himself out of any responsibilty, making himself the victim:  "'No time', No money, No help, Out of energy, 'That's just the way things are,' Can't keep promises, 'no resources', 'secular station', 'anti-church, anti-religion'."

WBAI needs to hire another call center that knows how to take money when it is offered and is not so rigid procedurally.

There is nothing wrong and everything good with the programming California is sending us when there is no money in the till.

When we have enough BAI Buddies and rich contacts who are willing to finance all of WBAI's expenses, we can bring back engineers, programmers and programs which allow us to live within our means - no more snake-oil info-mercials as Mitch Cohen, Steve Brown and Gary Null have used WBAI.

We call for a balanced budget.  We call on the sub-super rich and rick Wolff to take back WBAI. Please see our other Blogs on these two topics.

*Read more at:

Only the Sub-Super-Rich (20%) Can Save WBAI

Posted on May 31, 2014 at 4:35 PM

Only the Sub-Super-Rich (20%) Can Save WBAI Radio 99.5FM


Form a Co-Operative of Volunteer Producers Who Are Leaser "Owners" alla Richard Wolff"s Idea Where All Producers (including the 80%) Manage the Radio Station.

The Following Producers

Must Use Their Connections

To Raise Millions for WBAI

Janet Coleman, James Irsay, Chris Whent, Robert Rothenberg, Gary Null, Bob Fass, Gary Byrd, Prairie Miller, Maryanne Miller, David Kenny, Hugh Hamilton, Dalton Anderson, Earl Caldwell, Richard Wolff, Michio Kaku and his cadre of scientists, Thom Hartmann, Amy Goodman, millionaire Steve Brown, the lawyers who host "Law and Disorder" and their guests, Bonnie Faulkner, Host of "Guns and Butter" and her guests, and any of the other WBAI producers who live in rich zip codes who "name drop" about their "collector" of the arts friends as Mr. Irsay has done, or producers who interview Broadway and/or the film stars, famous politicians and their circles of wealthy supports etc. -  All of these WBAI producers in the know need to enter a contest to see which of them can raise the most money, from anonymous doners, by personally, each producer reaching out to his or her relatives, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and the now rich and famous celebrities whom these very WBAI producers have launched, supported, helped or promoted on their WBAI shows. 

Hugh Hamilton should in alike manner raise money from the super rich through his contacts which are many.

WBAI 20% producers need to ask for anonymous tax deductible gifts of $1Million, $500,000, $250,000, $100,000, $50,000, $25,000, $10,000 and gifts in between depending on the fame of the celebrity.  These gifts must be given anonymously with no strings attached - no favors granted, no expectations from the doner other than the continuation of WBAI.

Any WBAI producers who have given a leg up to unions and politicians should be able to get contributions from them too in a likewise manner - especially Obama and Hillary Clinton.   There are so many Obama and Clinton apologists on WBAI after all. 

Some people think Hillary and the Democratic Party are taking down the Pacifica Foundation and WBAI because of people like Robert Knight who told the truth about Obama and Hillary Clinton, along with Benghazi and the assassination of Gaddafi among other things.

Those WBAI producers who hob nob in the circles of the rich and famous should not be too proud to beg the rich and famous to save WBAI.  Some of the rich and famous  still get publicity on their shows like 73 year old Bob Dylan did on the Bob Foss show "Radio Un-nameable". 

Such rich and famous people including some of the WBAI well-to-do Producers and Board Members themselves have had a tax picnic in the United States.  They are not willing to pay a Wall Street transfer tax or any progressive taxes based on means testing of income or net worth so why not ask those, who benefit from both 99.5FM radio promotions and secondly an unjust tax system, to carry a heavier load to save WBAI?  Why Not?


Save WBAI Challenge to Richard Wolff

Posted on May 23, 2014 at 12:30 AM

How to Save

WBAI Radio, NY City

Why Save, WBAI 99.5FM radio, New York?  Because it affects what happens to The Pacifica Foundation's four other radio stations (two in California, one in Houston, and another in Washington DC).  The Pacifica Foundation is needed for activism and its expression via the arts.

Only the Sub-Super-Rich 20% Can Save WBAI Radio 99.5FM Form a CoOperative of Working Producer Leaser "Owners" alla Rick Wolff Where All Producers (including the 80%) Manage the Radio Station.

Janet Coleman, James Irsay, Chris Whent, Robert Rothenberg, Gary Null, Bob Fass, Prairie Miller, Maryanne Miller, David Kenny, Hugh Hamilton, Earl Caldwell, Richard Wolff, Michio Kaku and his cadre of scientists, Amy Goodman, millionaire Steve Brown, the lawyers who host "Law and Disorder" and their guests, Host of "Guns and Butter" and her guests, and any of the other WBAI producers who live in rich zip codes who "name drop" about their "collector" of the arts friends, producers who follow Broadway and/or the film scene, etc. need to enter a contest to see which of them can raise the most money by personally, each reaching out to his or her relatives, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and the now rich and famous celebrities for whom these very WBAI producers have launched, helped or promoted on their WBAI shows. 

WBAI 20% producers need to ask for anonymous tax deductible gifts of $1Million, $500,000, $250,000, $100,000, $50,000, $25,000, $10,000 and gifts in between depending on the fame of the celebrity.  Any WBAI producers who have given a leg up to unions and politicians should do so in a likewise manner. 

Those WBAI producers who hob nob in the circles of the rich and famous should not be too proud to beg the rich and famous to save WBAI.  Some of the rich and famous  still get publicity on their shows like 73 year old Bob Dylan. 

Such rich and famous people including some of the WBAI well-to-do Producers and Board Members themselves have had a tax picnic in the United States.  They are not willing to pay a transfer tax or progressive taxes based on means testing of income or net worth so why not ask those, who benefit from both 99.5FM radio promotions and secondly an unjust tax system, to carry a heavier load to save WBAI?

It's Zabby Against the Machine's Censorship

Zabby is an accountant, "the Public's Accountant."  Censorship is becoming common as propaganda fill the airwaves of Mainstream Media.  Corporate establishment money has "Free Speech" rights.  What about the Public's????

Pacifica Radio is alternative media and it will be indirectly censored by the Machine.

Zabby's has opened channels of communication to the public for FREE Alternative Activism Media and uncensored viewpoints in her history as a community activist.  She has fought the cable companies and censorship.

WBAI is under attack by the Machine which wants the people to stay uninformed so that we the people will stay in "our place" as consumers.  Zabby has been following WBAI's impending financial woes very closely for years finding huge mismanagement with beaurocratic by-laws that hamper progressive change. 

In fact, "The People's Accountant" Zabby has been in the process of doing her own audit of this valuable social, economic and political institution for the people. 

Zabby's mission and purpose for the last fifteen (15) years has been to open public media to the people.  Zabby was most instrumental in securing full time Public and Government Access Television Channels (20, 18 and 22) in Suffolk County.  Zabby helped Town Supervisors and Council negotiate franchise agreements with Cablevision.

Now Zabby is determined to SAVE WBAI Radio.  

Here's a challenge to good talking


DR. Richard Wolff

Can he walk the walk?

In fact, how about Richard Wolff start a "Worker/Producer Self-Directed Enterprise" at WBAI to SAVE the station?  This is an idea which Marxist Economist Richard Wolff promotes all the time as his answer to a failed economy and system. Of course, the idea for employee owned co-operatives has been around for a long time and is not Wolff's original idea.

So --- There's Lost

Jobs at WBAI.

Here's another challenge:  this one is to Bernard White:  Let him give his engineering talents to WBAI for free.  There is no money in the till to pay salaries for the engineers who are left, the rent and fee for transmitter is three months in arrears according to Gary Null.  Hear his report in the archives on May 1 @ 11am Special (before his noontime show).  He said WBAI will need a total of 2.5 million by July 1, 2014.  He broke down that figure for you in some detail. 

At least Gary Null was transparent and forthcoming.  What it means is that the rich among us have to pull more of the weight.  Just like we all want a transfer tax on the rich and higher taxes for the rich in this society,  WBAI rich listeners have to give more.  But people like Null, Coleman, Fass, Rothenberg, Whent and others who could ask the rich to come across are not.

Volunteers Come Forward

Take Direct Action

In fact, everyone at WBAI 99.5FM Radio should eventually be laid off (even if only temporarilly) to actually SAVE WBAI 99.5FM Radio (archives on the web at 

All WBAI employees should go on unemployment, get the checks and come back to WBAI on a volunteer basis if possible.  Where is Hugh Hamilton?  Certainly he could afford to give two (2) hours of his time per week!! 

New Jerseyite Bob Henley (now fired) and Michael G. Haskins had been doing a morning program ostensibly supporting union interests.  How about Haskins and Henley calling on the unions SAG-AFTRA and all the others they promote to come across with donations like the way all these New Jersey and New York union bosses support political candidates to do the unions' bidding????

By the way thank you to Mimi Rosenberg for her contributions.   She works a full time job as well.  Yet, she is committed to WBAI.   Many of the other formerly salaried staff seem to make excuses for themselves.   

WUSB, 90.1FM, Stony Brook Radio is conducted on a volunteer basis.   Why not do WBAI on a volunteer basis, at least,  until it has $1,000,000 in the bank to pay 1) transmitter fees, 2) telephone bills to keep the transmitter transmitting the programs to listeners' radios and computers, 3) three engineers' salaries so that the programs can be played correctly, and 4) money to pay for the a) rent or mortgage, b) capital expenditures and c) maintainence of "their (WBAI's??) new building" at 388 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, N.Y. ????

WBAI management and The Pacifica Foundation Director are not transparent with the facts and figures related to "their" "New" building which needs rennovation and a lot of money itself.  It is a white elehant and a financial drain - premature.  WBAI should have had a year's savings in the till before acquiring yet another monthly expense.

Who owns this "new" building?  Who found it?  There should be monthly financial reports to the listeners who don't have computers. 

Management should be disclosing how much money was pledged, of that money how much is actually in the bank, how many WBAI Buddies are there and how much was pleged in that form.

The Rich Blue Bloods

Should Contribute More


Bob Fass should try backbone instead of wishful thinking.  He said he "hoped" Bob Dylan would contribute the proceeds from the sale of his guitar to WBAI.   Bob F. ask, Bob D. and WBAI, shall receive. 

INSTEAD of a phone drive to the celebrities headed by Fass, Rothenberg, Janet Coleman, Whent et. al. asking for donations of $15,000 or more  ....  from their rich friends  ....

and INSTEAD of, at the same time, putting the word out that WBAI needs a building DONATED, WBAI and Pacifica Managment signed WBAI's death nell right on the dotted line for the 388 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn White Elephant money drainer - yet another big bill at the beginning of the month ..... and

and INSTEAD of Bob Fass, Janet Coleman, David Rothenberg, Gary Null, Amy Goodman and Chris Whent, among other wealthy WBAI producers, hosting a $5,000 or more a plate breakfast fund raiser for WBAI at the Stage Delicatessen inviting all the famous and rich quests that have used WBAI in some way....

and INSTEAD of these richer and well connected producers fetching and lifting for WBAI....

Instead of some networking by Fass Rothenberg , Whent and others, WBAI most likely will be leased out to Obama apologists and or those who control democratic union special interests.  Let's note that many or most union bosses are not representing rank and file union members but rather selling out their members.  

WBAI Staff who are well-off financially should assist those, like Uncle Sidney Smith, who can't get by on the unemployment checks by inviting them to room with them or otherwise help them by subsidizing their unemployment checks so that they can continue the quality of life that their union jobs had once provided.  How about some rich actors and musicians in the media unions helping out??? 

In fact, the many unions and their members who benefit from WBAI coverage should help the laid off staff too. 

"Whatever it takes!"  to save WBAI exclaimed Earl Caldwell during his 4 - 6 pm, September 13, 2013 show, "The Caldwell Chronical." 

Caldwell himself could offer a room to Michael G. Haskins, his loyal engineer who is now part-time;  Caldwell himself has two homes - one in the city and another in Virginia - a very rich suburb.

December 7, 2013, on "Back of the Book",  R. Paul Martin, Treasurer of the Local Station Board (LSB), described the situation as "dire" and said there are still staff out there who don't get it.  Martin is one man who is on top of WBAI's budget woes and has said it like it is for years now. 

No one from The Pacifica Foundation's corporate headquarters in California nor from WBAI in New York City (especially former program directors, managers and the LSB Board members - nor a faction of LSB Board Members who Martin described as "disruptive" "crazy people" - has listened to R. Paul Martin all these years. 

Pacifica interim President, Summer Reece, confirmed the the dysfunctionality of the by-laws in her Report to the Listeners," Friday, August 9, 2013 at 4-6 pm when she announced the layoffs of over half the staff.  She was late that day because of attending one of these same unproductive WBAI-LSB meetings Martin has spoken about continually.  They are open to the public and stacked by the disruptive special interest group led by Bernard White, former General Manager of WBAI.  They should be broadcast on the radio live!

On December 7, 2013, Martin said that if WBAI gets all the pledges it is supposed to in October, although leaving out how much that would be, WBAI would have $189 left in its account.  That isn't a rosy scenario; but we hope that WBAI isn't planning to raise another million like last time's unrealistic figure.  Martin said that if WBAI did not raise the undisclosed amount in October that it could go out of business "in the next six (6) months."

Why not Hugh Hamilton, Esther Ahmad, Michael G. Haskins along with other non-paid staff you like run primaries for New York City Council in  November 2015 General Local Elections?

Perhaps, WBAI engineers and WBAI Public Affairs Director Kathy Davis and WBAI Program Director Berthold Reimers can also run for political office given that WBAI-FM Radio ( cannot really afford to pay their salaries either and survive.  Don't they get that?

Zabby suggested that the WBAI paid staff and others run for political office well before the 2013 primary season began in June but none of them did anything to prepare for the impending layoffs she warned them about.  Along the years, other warnings and savvy Zabby advice was also dismissed. 

WBAI Engineers

The WBAI engineers like Michael G. Haskins and Max Snead should teach the producers at WBAI Radio how to engineer their own shows like producers do at WUSB radio, 90.1FM (WUSB.FM).

Also Bernard White could very well volunteer to help engineer for other producers and train them to engineer their own shows.


WUSB producers Lister, Emanuel Goldstein and Ahmad Ali produce at both WUSB and WBAI radio stations.  Since the three of them know how to engineer their own WUSB programs, the three of them should be the first to learn how to operate the City College (Harlem Radio) engineering digs.  Then the three of them could also volunteer to engineer other WBAI producers programs adjacent to their own.

The richer people there like Gary Null and others should help the laid off engineers who can't get by on just an unemployment check. 

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an award winning radio producer of "Earthwatch" on WBAI radio.

On September 5, 2013, Knight produced another award winning show about Syria.

Gary Null

Gary Null, Amy Goodman and the Armand DiMele, a producer that follows Gary Null, all have their own studios and could share those facilities with other producers for free. 

Amy Goodman gets $650,000/year from Pacifica Radio, which owns WBAI, to do her show.  How is it she above all can't share her private studio with Pacifica station WBAI, New York????

Furthur, why can't Amy Goodman raise her own $650,000/year???

At least, Gary has shared his studio to some degree but why didn't that continue?

No doubt that Gary Null is a winner and has a great shows but still Gary Null has utilized WBAI and Pacifica for 37 years to build his health food empire, his reputation and Progressive Radio Network. 

WBAI has to buy most all the premiums he offers so even if he doesn't make money as he says, he is profiting from the demand alone for his books and products which is created and which he can use to build his reputation and paying clientele. 

He began advertising $2000 retreats on the some of the Pacifica stations July 25, 2013. 

Thanks to someone's astute complaints that Null was commercializing and thus compromising the WBAI's channel, Null quickly came around to offering those $2000 retreats as a premium during the very next week. Listeners wouldn't let him get away with that.

But what percent of the $2000 retreat premium goes to WBAI and what has been the total of all the retreat premiums?  How many retreats have been held?  What was the total going to WBAI of each? 

How did Gary Null's $$2000 retreat totals  compare to the totals for Amy Goodman's $2000 dinner and a show premium over the same time period?

Null had downgraded Amy Goodman's generous and upfront donations of $2000 for "a dinner and a show" as only coffee and crumpets while advertising his retreat. 

From an analytical point of view, it is believed that Null is competing with Goodman for her high degree of national and international standing and visibility.  Goodman is invited on some of the talk shows Gary Null is dying to get on. 

Perhaps, Null resents that Goodman is getting $650,000 per year (less in past years) and thinks he should have been getting $650,000 per year too.  If not, why does he belittle, dismiss and put down her contributions to Pacifica?  Could he be jealous?  Ya Think?  

Concerning the $650,000, it seems that Pacifica is in arrears anyway.  On Interim Pacifica President, Summer Reece's "Report to the Listeners", Goodman was misrepresented - if not slandered - because in fact, practically, she needed to handle the non-payment legally.  That's exhibiting good business acumen to cover herself by staking her claim on paper in the form of a lawsuit.  Surely, she isn't siccing collection agents on WBAI.

Let's give Amy Goodman the benefit of the doubt.  After all Goodman is doing programming from satellite studios all over the world and so she has legitimate expenses to pay.  Of course, Goodman's international recognition can to a large extent be attributed to the financial support of WBAI, New York and Pacifica Radio in the first place.  However, let's not dismiss her talent.

The Rich Celebrities   

Where is David Rothenberg and Bob Foss?  What are they doing with their pull?  Some of their rich and famous friends and musician friends who have been featured on WBAI, New York should donate a studio if necessary to WBAI. 

WBAI shouldn't be adding more monthly bills for mortgage and maintenance of new headquarters.  It is financially irresponsible and the audience has spoken; WBAI's audience will not support anything other than the transmitter fund.

Lack of Transparency

Quarterly Financial

Reports To the

Listeners??? should post its quarterly Budget on their website.  How much is the insurance?  How much is the phone bill? etc.

On September 25, 2013 at 7 am Berthold Reimers and Andrew Phillips gave a report to the listeners.  Phillips was direct and admirable.  Reimers was 20 minutes late to a one hour show - the 3rd. time in a row one listener pointed out and didn't even apologize.  He was arrogant for the rest of the time stating, some people "feel entitled to dictate to management how to run the station"  Reimers made excuses for himself, admitted taking a well taken comment personally.  Listener hadn't gotten premiums from Democracy Now and the listener stated that management is taking a "cavalier attitude about premiums."  Reimers took that personally.

Reimers wouldn't disclose the numbers and budget.  Phillips had to pull them out of him on a third try.

Summer Reece would be better off getting a new station manager.  Zabby suggested Hugh Hamilton could do an effective and professional job turning people on to the radio not off.  He could throw in his show "Talk Back" for free as part of the Station Manager job replacing Reimers. 

Reimers lost huge audience numbers from 10am-12pm playing music when the listeners preferred politics.  2 or 3 people brought it up only to be ignored by Reimers who said there were "not enough arts on WBAI."  But wait a minute Reimers is not Program director - Phillips was - thank the Lord - but not any more.

Phillips respectfully listened to comments but didn't slide once from the fact of the matter:    there is no money - especially for Reimers Champagne tastes and beer budget.

Thank goodness they at least got rid of Kathy Davis who can engineer her own show.  She should volunteer to help others engineer as she gets her unemployment check until she finds another job.

How about the former employees like Davis, Hamilton and Armah, who say they love WBAI, stepping up to save WBAI?



Gary Null Sabatages WBAI & Captures Listeners

Posted on May 3, 2014 at 5:30 PM

Gary Null

Sabatages WBAI &

Shifts Listeners

To Listen to His

Progressive Radio Network!!!!!

For 37 Years

Gary Null

Using WBAI

To Promote His Businesses!!!!!

Openly on his 12 Noon Program, Mondays

- Fridays, 99.5FM WBAI, New York Radio,, Gary Null bad mouths WBAI for

not fronting him with the money to

produce his products (Green Stuff, Red

Stuff, Health Books, Cook Books, CD's and

Videos and the proverbial "kitchen sink".

Further, he readily gives out the telephone

number for his relatively new internet

Radio Network.  He is the Arianna

Huffington of internet radio -not paying

interns who do all his research - building a

multimillion dollar business and not profit sharing with those interns.

All the while he drains WBAI listeners.

Suffolk County 'National?' Green Party???

Posted on November 21, 2013 at 1:40 PM


Green Party 

 Almost Our Last Hope:

Three Way Races

November 5, 2013 

Suffolk County Party

Anointments & Coronations

Low Voter Turnout

What is the Solution?

Third Parties???

Maybe in 2015

But First We Need

New Leadership in All Third Parties!!!!

As it is now three of our Suffolk County third parties most always do cross endorsements of the major parties' Democrat and Republican candidates.   We hope the Conservative, Independence and Working Families Parties' rank and file members will instead primary for their own party's line in 2015.  Also, disgruntled Democrats and republicans need to step up to the bat.  However, let's look at the performance of the Green and Libertarian Parties in 2013.

First, how is the Green Party going to help Suffolk residents or get anybody to join them if they can't find more than one candidate to put them on the map?  Couldn't they have gotten another in Shelter Island, at least, where they needed to get just one signature!!!  A Green Party candidate could have created a three party way race there.  The candidate in Shelter Island would have had a chance in a Town with a population of only 2000 people.

Well, the Green Party did eventually find one candidate who probalby came to them.  Sadly, only one came forward on his own.   So....

Green Party member William Stevenson will run for one of the 18 County Legislator seats.  He is running in the 15th district against anointed Democrat DuWayne Gregory.  Halleluiah!

Republicans couldn't find anyone to run against Gregrory; imagine!  An initial deal was made between Dems and Repubs!  Then as usual the Conservatives, Independence and Working Families Parties all fell into line.  Mr. Gregory has been anointed by all the Political Party Bosses. 

Also anointed were Republican Angie Carpenter, Democrat (former Republican) Tom Spota and Republican Vincent DeMarco, by the bosses controlling Suffolk County. 

The three of them had been term limited by a people's referendum.  However, these three incumbents couldn't care less about what the people wanted.  They sued in court to run anyway and they won in court thus overturning the people's referendum. 

Spota, Carpenter and DeMarco bulldozed their way back on the ballot, but with a different method than Mayor Bloomberg used in 2009 after he was term limited.  Mayoral Democratic candidate Christine Quinn had sold out the people to Bloomberg when she led other democrats in the City Council to override the term limits.   Now in 2013 she has lost the primary for the open seat to Bill De Blasio.  There's the people's backlash.  Hurray for New York City Democrats!  Political Justice by a vote of the people.  How sweet it is.

In a similar scenario, despite the people of Suffolk County's will, Spota, Carpenter and DeMarco sued their own County (at taxpayer-s expense) in court to run beyond twelve (12) years and they won overturning the people's referendum for term limits.  It reminds us of How George W. Bush had his friends in the U.S. Supreme Court make him President.

Now the three Suffolk County incumbents for D.A., Sheriff and Treasurer are running unopposed.  Why?  Because the Republican, Democratic, Conservative, Independence and Working Families Party Bosses all agreed on the same three candidates in the first place.   Secondly, they had the courts stacked with judges who would decide in their favor.

Think it's Political Injustice?  Ya Think?  Then, use Phase 3 of our General Four-Phase Strategy - the Write-in Candidate Block Vote. Click our "Write-in Candidate Block" Page for more on that strategy.

Where Were the Greens?

The Libertarians?

There are three Libertarians who tried to get on the ballot against the three die-hards.  But ....

Libertarians Knocked Off Ballot

Was It Their Own Fault?

Ya' Think? 

Libertarians had gathered over 2000 signatures in the Second Chance to occupy the Ballot on November 5, 2013 (Phase 2 of our Four-Part General Strategy).  They had three candidates willing and ready to run against the three who were term limited by a people's referendum.  But ...

The Democrats and Republicans succeeded in knocking off the ballot the only people, Libertarians, who were challenging the one-candidate elections.  In order to get on the ballot, Libertarians had to do a tremendous amount of work to gather 2000 signatures because they were not a recognized party like the other six (6).

There were 600 objections made by Matthew Bucaro Jr. to the 2000 signatures turned into the Board of Elections by the Libertarians.  And so working together, the Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Independence and Working Families Parties succeeded in knocking off the ballot the Libertarian challengers to the three, one-candidate elections for Suffolk County District Attorney, Suffolk County Treasurer and Suffolk County Sheriff.  Why ...? 

Though New York State Election Laws favor incumbents and are made to intimidate, the seasoned Libertarians should have known the election laws but instead were not able to co-cooperatively work together with the people in charge, so the ball was fumbled.  They weren't ready; they weren't prepared because there was not good leadership.  They were sloppy. 

Perhaps, the Suffolk County Libertarian Party is being infiltrated by Republicans who fear an upset.  Candidates like Ron Paul made a good showing in 2012 here in Romney Country Republican Headquarters.  Perhaps, these Republicans wish to steal or want to use the Libertarian Line for themselves like the three candidates from Huntington had wanted. 

Anyway, why were there only three Libertarian candidates running in the first place in 2013?  How is it that the Libertarians didn't have more candidates at the Suffolk County level with all the open seats?  How ....

Mismanagement.  The Libertarian County leadership needs to resign.  The Libertarian Leadership is no better than the Greens as far as philosophy , mission, purpose and focus.  All of them belong in the State or National Parties of their persuasion not the County parties.

One of the Suffolk County Libertarian officers needing to resign is Gigi Bowman.  Gigi Bowman wanted everyone to focus only on her 2014 challenge to 4th District NY Senator Phil Boyle; Bowman was not interested in spending any time or money on candidates for the 2013 Local Suffolk County Elections.  Why isn't Bowman an officer on the New York State Libertarian Party then instead?  Even in that election she should be part of a team of challengers to the same old Republicans and Democrats incumbents.

Green Party Fails Again!

The Green Party sent no challengers for any of these three Suffolk County incumbents even though the Greens could have easily gathered the few signatures necessary.  The Green Party missed the opportunity all together.  Three Green members if elected, could have made almost a half of a million in salaries for those three Suffolk County races alone - D.A., Sheriff and Treasurer.

Where is the Green Party's Plan to get more people to join at the local level?  Their misplaced hope and focus was on the Green Party's 2012 Presidential National candidate, Jill Stein, who hardly anyone remembers today. 

The local County Green yokel leadership thought Jill Stein could have ended war in the world if elected President of the U.S.  The local Suffolk County Green Party Leadership is in in dreamland.  They all need to resign and let some one else take leadership next April, 2014 so we can get more than just one candidate on the ballot in Suffolk County on the Green Party Line "F" in 2015.

Green Tea Party

The Libertarians in a like manner thought they were going to get Ron Paul elected as U.S. President.  Both the Greens and Libertarians should get together and have a Green Tea Party in Never, Neverland. 

At the Green Tea Party, Judge Napolitano could be the Host with honored guests Ron Paul and Ralph Nader.  The three of them sincerely believe Green and Libertarians should work together. That would be a miracle.

Unfortunately, the Judge Napolitano, Ralph Nader and Ron Paul don't realize that Local Elections are the only place that the two seemingly opposite parties but actually with a lot in common could succeed.  These men too are only focused, arrogantly, on Presidential elections, which of course they can't win!  The proof is in the pudding.



June 4, 2013 - July 11, 2013 was the signature gathering period to run a primary and or get on the November 5, 2013 ballot) So both opportunities for the Green Party ended July 11, 2013 but ...

The Second Chance to get on the ballot in the Independent Petition Signature Gathering Process in New York State ended on August 20, 2013.  

We are now in Phase 3 of our General Four Phase Strategy.  That is the "Write-in Candidate Block".  Read about it on our Home page. 

Green Party members had the best odds for obtaining ballot access.   Will there be a Green Harvest at the local level?   Doesn't look like it. 

Perhaps, in a few years with a change of local Green Pary leadership.  Right now there is not good leadership in Suffolk County.  It's current leadership is wrong-headed with a national focus instead of a local one.  Ironically, one of the Green party pillars is "Grassroots Democracy".

Grassroots Democracy

As a contrast, there is leadership and a true "Grassroots Democracy" (one of the Green Party's Pillars) in Richmond, California where a Green Party member, Gale McClellan was elected Mayor.  McClellan is now in the national news fighting for the homeless, who have been foreclosed on by the bankers in a predatory banking scheme. 

In a creative powerful way, Mayor McClellan took on the predatory lenders with the creative use of eminent domain.

Richmond, California Mayor Gale McClellan is up against the so-called Democrat President Obama himself, Obama, along with the banking industrial complex, is trying to stop Mayor McClellan by suing the town with taxpayers dollars.  Meanwhile, the homeowners get the shaft.

Recently, Jill Stein talked about the potential of running Green candidates at the "municipal level" of government on a Saturday WBAI Radio interview aired September 7, 2013 at 10am. Jill Stein spoke of how Lynn Serpe had a good chance of winning the Mayoral race in the West Queens District 22 race.


Obama is in bed with the banksters and Wall Street.   He is running an American "Corporatocracy" which is bullying the "Grassroots Democracy" in Richmond, California.

You Can Make a Difference

So, if you are an individual with a cause - no matter what your cause - you can make a powerful difference (in other words, the proverbial, "Be part of the solution...").

Peace and Non-violence

One of the Green Party's pillars is "Peace and Non-violence".   Many Greens are peace activists like Brian O'Hare.

No matter what your cause, if you are part of an activist group like Skywatchers, the Fortune Society, Long Island Peace Networks, South Country Peace Group of Bellport, Peacesmiths, or Food Not Bombs, the Center for New Leadership, the Project Renew" group - your power as a group is terriffic!

You could have heard a replay (till June 3, 2013) of a controversial show Zabby did on WUSB.FM radio called "A Woman's Perspective On Politics," done Mondays, 1:30 pm - 3 pm.  Zabby challenged long time peace activist, Green Party member, Peacesmiths member, Suffolk Peace Networks and "Food Not Bombs" member Brian O'Hare to run for Babylon Town Government as an example for other activists and as a way to achieve his goals.

Group's Have Power

Peace activists and those who are concerned with poverty could achieve economic and social justice at the local level after which peace will flow.  Peace will follow.   As Pope John Paul II said, "No justice, no peace."  Pope Francis now is calling for economic justice.

The suggestion that Brian O'Hare run for Babylon local government, of course, was meant as a complement to him but also a call to action for all good people to come forth in a Participatory Democracy

Let's Do Government Ourselves

We are the ones we've been waiting for.  Let's do government ourselves.  Let's take money out of politics at he local level of politics.  Money rules at every other level of politics. and so Obama does the bidding of those who pay him off by supporting his election.

Homerule Law can be utilized for this purpose and has been used in towns in Pennsylvania to stop agribusiness pig farming.

"No Justice, No Peace" 

Pope John Paul II (2002)

Once there is social and economic justice in every local neighborhood in the world, peace will flow like a river to the sea because fear, righteous anger, stress and anxiety will be dissipated among the "tribes."  "Why?", you might ask.  Because the distribution of wealth, assets and resources will not be greedily stolen and held by a few, rich, forceful controlling people and corporations.

When each neighborhood ("tribal") government around the world is refilled with elected activists who are free to legislate social and economic justice at the local level of government, world peace and love will flourish! 

We need to work for town rights and local sovereignty.

You can always hear Zabby's most recent radio show on politics for one week after it airs.  See her complete radio and TV schedule on the "Power (About Us)" page by clicking on it in the menu at the top.  

O'Hare, if elected with a team of other energy conservation Green Party activists, could establish, among many reforms, a municipality owned power company in their town like Dennis Kucinich did in Cleaveland.    

Peace and economic and social activists from "Peacesmiths of Long Island" and "Food not Bombs"could establish a "Homeless Land Reservation" on vacant Federal, County or Town land holdings within the Township of any Town, Suffolk County, New York. See Ken Churhill's free book about the homeless on the web.

O'Hare and his team could legislate to feed the hungry within at least some of the ten Suffolk County Townships if not the entire County. 

Also, there are at least 21 County elected seats available to occupy, starting at $91,137 for meeting once a month together.

Green Party activists could occupy the other 61 local county governments throughout New York State. Perhaps, this vision might be realized in 2015 with new leadership and people who want change.   We need a government that nurtures, is fair to, and helps those who are struggling economically. 

People need to step up and build the Green Party at the Grassroots level by working together to make the Green Party a viable party of the people, for the people, and by the people.  At the local level, a third party can make a difference.

O'Hare or others needed just 9 valid signatures in the Town of Babylon but would have collected 18 - 27 in all for good measure to ward off challenges.

Think.  If all the "Peacesmiths" members, Suffolk Peace Networks, South Country Peace Group and Food Not Bombs members across L.I. used electoral politics, like the Black Panthers advocated, like the Muslims do in the Middle East currently, what a beautiful day in the  neighborhood it could be. 

International peace activist Cindy Sheehan used electoral politics in 2008 (when Cindy Sheehan ran for political office against Speaker of the House Nancy Peloci). 

We need more community activists of any stripe to run for political office and occupy government!  Sheehan lost to popular and well known Pelosi because Sheehan set her sites too high.

Sheehan should have planned out a long range strategy by first getting elected at the local level of politics to build a following and perhaps build an alternative party like the Green Party!

"Suffolk County 'National?' Green Party??"

Using electoral politics (getting activists elected) is a solution that has not been applied at the local level of politics by the Green Party. 

This is why the Green Party has no local base (enough people at the local level) to even vote for their national Presidential candidates.  You must have a good foundation before you build a house.

Even Green Party member Rosa Clemente, in a 2012 WBAI radio interview, defensively mentioned that there were other Green Party members (though not herself) who were in a grassroots movements brewing then in order to get more local Green Party candidates across America.  Not in Suffolk County though!  What a shame.

Clemente representing the Green Party was put to task and challenged by the WBAI Radio host for the lack of support for a National Green Party candidate before the 2012 election and rightly so.

Did Clemente think about running for New York City Council or is that office beneath her aspirations?  At least the City Greens got Anthony Gronowicz for Major but he needs a team too.  So far only thirteen (13) others are running with him. 

Thirty-seven (37) seats throughout the five Boroughs of New York City are still up for grabs.  Call Carl Lundgren and John Reynolds of the City Green Team 2013 at (347) 948-4010 if you are interested in getting on the ballot there. 

The so-called "Suffolk County" (really the  "National County") Green Party has had no local candidates to speak of since 2010 even though they went to great lengths to get a party line in New York State in co-ordination with the the other 61 Counties of New York.  

The Suffolk County Green Party "leaders" aren't able to get the job done and the last thing they need are apologists for them - any more than President O'bomb'a needs apologists for him. 

Roger Snyder and the rest of his committee should have given others a turn to lead the Suffolk County Green Party at the April 13, 2013 Annual Meeting. 

The current "leaders" are stale and/or unable to organize.  They need  to get someone on the ballot if not themselves to set an example and put the Green party on the map.  If not, they all need to resign. 

Roger Snyder (631- 925 6104), Ian Wilder (Ian, Cynthya Rossi, Matt Lavery and Wendy Dann should get on the National Party - wasting their own time - instead of continually losing opportunities to put good people including themselves on the Suffolk County 2013 ballot. 

Yes, no one is saying they may not be good people.  What is being said is that they have no results and that their activity is unfruitful.  They are tired.

Why have a Green Party at all if no one is going to run on Suffolk County Local  November 5, 2013 election ballot? 

Why call yourselves a "County" Green Party and show footage of your losing national candidate at the Brookhaven Town meeting on January 2, 2013?

How about, instead, discussing what are the common problems in each of the ten towns of Suffolk County and in the County government?

How about establishing and empowering legitimate Town Green Committees like the ones both Democrats and Republicans have, where members can petition to become committee members in the odd years?  

With town committees, town Green Party officers can be elected and can organize work at the grassroots level, getting input from members such as Van, who was finally elected as a Town Rep from Riverhead; Van saw that such local organization was needed in all the towns of Suffolk?

Both Van Howell and Chris, another attendee, commented that the Annual April 13, 2013 Suffolk County Green Party Meeting "was a joke."    

There was hardly a quorum present at the April 13, 2013 Annual Meeting.  Where was Brian O'Hare?  Where were the Peacesmiths, South Country Peace Group, Suffolk Peace Networks and Food Not Bombs members? They allowed an opportunity for effective activism go by.  They weren't even aware of it as a means for real change and the acheivement of their goals.  They could have taken leadership positions in the Suffolk County Green Party and changed the dynamic and energy of the party.

Matt Lavery, co Vice-President wasn't even present at the annual meeting or at a screening for a candidate in 2012.  The Green Party is not a priority for him any more and perhaps some of the other leaders.  Roger Snyder, Wendy Dann and Marisa Pizza were late.    

Two people attending were not even members; and they were both there because they were asked by a few members of the Suffolk Green Committee  even though the Annual Meeting was supposed to be for members only.

Last year the Suffolk County Green Committee (at least a few) wasted time on their Presidential candidate's campaign.  Most everyone has already forgotten the Green Party's Presidential candidates's name.  That Green nominee, Dr. Jill Stein, a doctor from Massachusetts, didn't even get 1% of the votes.  Didn't the Greens anticipate that? 

Trying to get national candidates elected is a waste of time for all third parties and specifically contrary to one of the Green's "Pillars" and "Ten Key Values" - that of bottom up "Grassroots Democracy". 

Locally, the Green Party brings hope and has a future.  June 4, 2013 was the day to start gathering signatures to get on the ballot in Town and County elections taking place November 5, 2013.

The Green Party provides the opportunity for real choice because they do not cross-endorse other parties.  They show integrity.

The Green Party is our next to last hope to easily get three way races so we can have a real choice in local elections in Suffolk County. 

Local third party Green Party candidates can confront and face squarely this stranglehold on electoral politics that the Democrat and Republican corrupt party bosses have in New York State.  

If you live in Shelter Island and are a Green party Member, you needed just one (1) valid signature to get ballot access. 

Why wasn't Roger Snyder on the phone to Shelter Island so he could get a candidate there?  Snyder has been chairman for over 15 years.  Van Howell from Riverhead would have taken over as Chair on April 13 but got no encouragement from Snyder who just hung on to his top position for dear life.  Why?

Is Snyder playing ball with the Republican and Democrat Plutocrats and bosses who control the livelihoods in Suffolk?  

Were any deals made by Roger Snyder to keep his focus and that of the Green Party on national politics?  Are there any conflicts of interest that would potentially inhibit either Roger Snyder or Ian Wilder from challenging the Republican and Democratic stranglehold on New York politics by making three way local races in Suffolk County, L.I., New York, America a reality? 

Why aren't there any Green candidates?  Leadership's answer is that no candidates appear.  It seems that this is a tired excuse. 

Yet, with 1700 Green Party members in Suffolk County, why are so many people waiting for someone else to get the job done?  Why would these 1700 trust that the same old Republicans and Democrats who have not kept their promises so far are going to do any differently in 2014?

Part of the problem is that The Green Party leaders are only concentrating on national politics where a Green Candidate has no chance to win and wouldn't be a threat to the establisment and status quo of New York State and Suffolk County.  Would it?

There's no reason to have a Green Party in Suffolk County if it's so-called "leaders" are not going to use the Green Party to get local activists on the ballot. 

These local activists who would make great candidates, like Brian O'Hare, really care about the people, including the homeless and hungry Veterans of Long Island.   Why doesn't it occur to them to team up and occupy local government?  Why do they continually go to the government with hat in hand, getting no results?  They are not using the tools available to them.

These activists are many in number like "Peacesmiths", Suffolk Peace Networks, South Country Peace Group and "Food Not Bombs" members.  Ironically, Kimberly Wilder, Ian Wilder's wife, may still run "Peacesmiths."

These peace activists could bring about real change in their own neighborhoods.  Is running for local town and County political office and potentially becoming the government they want and we need beneath them?  It certainly is in their grasp? 

How is the Green party going to help Suffolk residents or get anybody to join them if they can't find even one candidate to put them on the map?  Even if it's just in Shelter Island.  Well, they found one.  Sadly, just one.   William Stevenson will run for one of the 18 County Legislator seats.  He is running in the 15th district against Democrat DuWayne Gregory.  Halleluiah! 

Republicans couldn't find anyone to run against Gregrory; imagine!  A deal was made between Dems and Repubs!  Mr. Gregory has been annointed, as was Angie Carpenter, Tom Spota and Vincent DeMarco, by the bosses controlling Suffolk County.  The latter three are running unopposed.  The Democrats and Republicans knocked off the ballot the only people who had challenged the one-candidate elections. 

Libertarians had gathered over 2000 signatures in the Second Chance to occupy the Ballot on November 5, 2013 (Phase 2 of our Four-Part General Strategy).  There were 600 objections by Democrats and Republicans to 600 of the signatures. 

The Green Party missed the opportunity all together.   Three Green members if elected, could have made almost a half of a million in salaries alone.

Where is the Green Party's Plan to get more people to join at the local level?  Their misplaced hope and focus was that the Green Party's 2012 Presidential National candidate, who hardly anyone remembers today, could have ended war in the world.

Although world peace is a wonderful ideal, practically speaking there are 7 billion people in the world and human nature is prone to differences of opinion.  History shows these differences can result in conflict.

Good people think that diplomacy is the answer to war - even President Obama suggested that in 2007 in his presidential campaign. However ...

In response, Hillary called Obama "naive" and that touched off a "war of words" between them.  (Parenthetically, Obama wound up appointing the war hawk Hillary as Secretary of State to the glee of Wall Street and with great profit to the military industrial complex.) 

We would just point out that 350 languages and 192 countries are represented in the United Nations (whose General Council decides when the U.S. will enter into war now a days rather than our U.S. Congress.) The potential for misunderstanding and resulting conflicts are off the map!

Of late, it seems that the U.S. is being asked by the United Nations to protect the airspace of foreign countries and bomb places quite often.

Good communication is very often not even possible between two people who speak the same language let alone among groups of different languages.  

One can just imagine that at the United Nations communication can be compared to the "Tower of Babel" among countries with differing languages. The Bible (Genesis 11:1-9) "tells" us so.  But perhaps, if you're not into the Bible you'd prefer to spell Babel, "babble". 

To translate, Babel equals babble, talking past another, not listening, coming from an authoritative point of view, etc. 

Further, how can the ideal of a participatory democracy from the grassroots - with every person's voice being heard - be realized in the context or framework of  a "global" "world citizenship" where there is a population of 7 billion? 

How can an individual voice count among 7 Billion?  Peace is a nice ideal but unfeasible and impracticable in the framework of a United Nations One World government controlling 7 Billion people.   You can not have a worldwide democracy with 7 billion people with almost 200 languages and so many cultures. 

No!  Grassroots democracy is only possible with a focus on a local "tribal" neighborhood, small community (village, town, city, burrough).  It is only in a local framework in which even the gist of the 10 Green Party Key values even make sense. 

See our other sister website if you are at all interested in breaking the Democratic/Republican stranglehold on Brookhaven Town politics:

Let's be frank.  War results over economic injustices and can result from fear of loss of economic resources.  War is usually not fought over religious beliefs.  Of course, some sincere people with strong and fervent religious beliefs may be used and exploited as fodder (as soldiers) by those in charge.

Rethink.  No one needs a middle man  to be in a close relationship with God.  You don't have to pay money to a priest, a Pope, a minister, a Bishop, an emam or anyone else.  You don't have to kill others in war who don't finacially support your religion's leaders, necessarilly, because they don't beliveve in the religion you are finacially supporting.  They support another religion or no religion at all.  Doesn't mean they are not close to God.  Don't be expoited.  God doesn't want you to be.  "No justice, no peace".  (Pope John Paul II)

Excerpt From

Home Run Primaries Page (paragraph 16a - 22):

16a) Have you been sold on a bill of goods:  the so-called "Global Economy"? and with it global citizenship?  Stick around for another perspective and math refresher because if you willingly accept "global citizenship" as a "given" frame of reference, your voice, your opinion, on matters of concern will have been significantly reduced to less than a whisper, if that.  There are seven (7) billion people in the world.  That means you have a 1 / 7,000,000,000 global voice in the world.

16b) Further, if we use absolute numbers, only 700 multibillionaires control the world.  As a percentage 700 is .00001% of the world's population.  As you can see that is a small percentage.  It reads one one-hundred thousandth percent.  [If you remember 1% = 1.0% and converts to the decimal .01  (To change a percent to a decimal, you move the decimal point over to the left two places.  The decimal point you move is always initially located at the right of the whole number (1, in this example) followed by a % sign which is 1.%  in this case. So move it to the left two places and get .01)].  Why the math lesson?  So you don't get fooled by economists and statistics.  Therefore, as a decimal, 700 people = .0000001 of the world's total population.  Using fractions, (1/10,000,000) or just 700 people of the world population represents the plutocracy of the world.  Remember from math class, the larger the bottom number of a fraction, the smaller the proportion is (a little counter intuitive). 

16c) So let's stop talking in terms of percent (%), decimals and fractions and start using absolute numbers.  When we convert to absolutes, it means there are 10,000,000 of us against one (1) of them.  Only a mere 700 ruling elite (plutocracy) force us into austerity budgets (budgets which cut programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, health care, education, food stamps, heating fuel subsidies for Senior Citizens etc.).  We just voluntarily comply with their wishes.   So for each one of the 700, there are 10,000,000 of us.  Why are you just obeying these few 700 people?  Why are we allowing these bullies to control the world and its riches when the proverbial Garden of Eden is literally and figuratively at hand? 

16d) Who do the 700 think they are?  Gods?  Most importantly, who do you think they are?  Why are you so referent, docile and conforming to their demands on you and your community?  What gives?  Here we outnumber these pirates 10,000,000 to 1.  So, run a primary.   Join the 99.99999%.  We use the 99% versus the 1% for ease in communication but now you know the real mathematical deal. 

16e) Rounding off to the largest whole number 1% is a huge overestimation of the absolute number (700) of controlling elite.  1% of the world's population is 70,000,000 people which is a far cry from 7 hundred people.  Instead, 700 people = 1/1000th of 1% which is .00001% or in terms of fractions that is 1/10,000,000 whereas 1% = 1/100.  Remember from math class, the larger the bottom number of a fraction, the smaller proportion it is (a little counter intuitive).  Here is a mnemonic device to help you keep fractions straight:  1/2 (a half) a dollar is twice more than 1/4 (a quarter) of a dollar. 

16f) So we can easily overcome a mere 700 people.  In fact, it may be fewer than 700 (perhaps even only the Forbes 400) but for simplification purposes, we used 700 to get a percent or fraction of 7 billion total world population.   Later in paragraph 72, you'll find our mathematical analysis of the 99% which will be an eye-opener as well.

17) No longer is the United States considered a country; it has been reduced to a "state" a "nation-state", just one among the 192 United Nations.  That being, your U.S. citizenship:  1 voice/ out of 300,000,000 (300 million) U.S. population doesn't even count any more. 

18) The so-called "Global Economy" and with it the notion of a "Global Citizen" are concepts created by the 1% and these fabrications have been forced on the rest of us along with the ruling elite's austerity measures, slave-wages and debt.

19) As Ron Paul asks, why are we taking our marching orders from the United Nations Security Council and NATO, both controlled by the 1%?  Americans are being ordered by the U.N. and NATO and the international bankers to participate in senseless wars and bank bailouts, including bailouts of European Banks. 

20) We taxpayers are being forced to give foreign aid (bribes) to Israel and other Middle Eastern "states".  In return their corrupt ruling elite agree to contract with the American Military Industrial War Complex of corporations which are owned by a majority of foreign investors anyway via the corrupt stock market gambling casino.  All of this affects our local town and County taxes.

21) The focus of this website is to help good, ethical people (with some modicum of smarts and common sense) run primaries in 2013 for local government seats and replace the corrupt politicians who prostitute themselves by doing the bidding of the controlling elite 1%.  This website teaches how to run a primary so that we get people in office who will represent and protect the 99%.  Get real change.  Make your voice count again either as a local citizen or an elected official.

22) Let's see how much more of a say you have as a local Suffolk County resident.  Suffolk County has 1,493,350 people (counting children).  As you can see if you are a Suffolk County resident, you have a 1 / 1,493,350 voice here.  Let's get even more local.  Babylonians have a 1 / 213,603 voice in their government.   Brookhavenites have a 1/ 486,040 voice.  East Hamptonians have a 1 / 21,457 voice.  Huntingtonians have a  1 / 203,264 voice in their government.  Riverhead residents  have a 1 / 33,506 voice.  Islip residents have a 1 / 335,543 voice.  Shelter Island residents have a 1 / 2,392 voice.  Smithtown residents have a 1 / 117,801 voice.  Southamptonians have a 1 / 56,790 voice.  Southold residents have a 1 / 21,968 voice in their government.  Thus if you live in Shelter Island your voice counts for a lot because they have only 2,392 people living in that town.   As you can see, you have a much better chance of being heard in local communities.  Think, speak and act locally.         


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$88,500 Job for N. Y. 2nd Assembly

Posted on May 24, 2013 at 3:40 PM

NEWS ALERT:  Looking for 2st District Assemblyperson candidates to replace Dan Losquadro!  

The 2nd District N.Y. Assembly seat abandonded by Dan Losquadro will be filled in in an election held during the general election November 5, 2013 and that will allow you to run a primary! 

We expect that after our exposition of the Special Election Gravy Train, the Governor thought better of announcing the vacancy for the 2nd Assemblyman office three months before the Nov 5, 2013 General Election, like when former Brookhaven Town Supervisor Mark Lesko announced the vacancy created by Lesko's own resignation at the last minute.

This last minute political strategy forced a special election which precluded rank and file recognized political party members from running a primary because the signature gathering window had already closed in July of 2012.

But now, one will have a chance to primary for Losquadro's seat by gathering signatures starting June 4, 2013. 

In Lesko's case, those that control the State of New York, America simply told Democrat and Republican political bosses which names they wanted written on a piece of paper.  Those names, Brian Biedenbender and Ed Romaine, then automatically were put on the ballot, eliminating any competition from surfacing - in other words - affording no opportunity to run a primary. 

Rank and file Democrats and Republican will now be able to run a primary for Losquadro's replacement but Conservative, Working Family and Independence Party bosses will be ordered to cross endorse either of the two major party candidates. This represents a political injustice! So Run a Primary!

We thus urge all able-bodied Conservatives, Working Families and Independence Party members to run a primary against those establishment selections.

The Green Party can make this race a three-way race.  The Green Party can run a candidate too.  Will they?  They have plenty of time to get one.  Ask Ian Wilder and Roger Snyder, "What's up?" Call Cynthya (with a y) Rossi or Marisa Pizza (like the pie), Wendy Webb or Matt Lavry - all on the Suffolk Green Party Committee.  All responsible for the lack of local candidates!


$91,137 Job to Replace Ed Romaine

Posted on April 19, 2013 at 1:30 PM

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"A Woman's Perspective on Politics" 

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Green Party member in the 1st Legislative District of the Suffolk County Legislature to replace Edward Romaine WAS NOT FOUND.  Romaine walked out of the job paying $91,137 so he could make $112,000 as the Supervisor of Brookhaven Town after former Supervisor Mark Lesko left his job prematurely for a special interest serving job probalbly paying over $200,000.  Deadline to replace Romaine WAS December 10, 2012.  


The part time job required that elected official attend a meeting once a month with the other 17 legislators and then attend a few committee meetings the week before.

If you LIVED in Shoreham, Wading River, Center Moriches, Riverhead, Southold, or Shelter Island you WERE eligible.  This WAS FOR the January 15, 2013 Special Election which MEANT you WOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO run a primary or gather any signatures.  Your name WOULD HAVE  BEEN written on a piece of paper by THE SUFFOLK GREEN PARTY CHAIR ROGER SYNDER AND SUFFOLK GREEN PARTY SECRETARY IAN WILDER and automatically YOU'D HAVE BEEN on the ballot.


Dear Voter,

When John Rouse walked out of his job as Highway Superintendent, he set off a chain of Special Elections which will cost the town's taxpayers from 1/2 to 3/4 of a million dollars.  It's a gravy train for the Suffolk Board of Elections.

Stop the gravy train.  Vote for Zabby Against the Machine in the upcoming Special Election for Superintendent of Highways, to be held on March 5, 2013  Zabby's an accountant and will audit the Highway Department to root out waste, corruption and stupidity. 

Zabby will keep tabs on lurking asphalt paving bid-riggers, cement/sidewalk companies and contractors who want to exploit Town of Brookhaven taxpayers and Suffolk County residents and taxpayers.  And why not? These crooks did it in 2005 right under the noses of the politicians including former Suffolk County Legislator Edward Romaine, new Supervisor of Brookhaven. 

We don't know how many years the bid-riggers got away with it before 2005 nor do we have any idea if it continues because no one is watching the store!  Vote for Zabby and she'll see that checks and balances are put in place at least in Highway.  Auditors hired in Brookhaven say there are no checks and balances in any of Brookhaven's  departments. 

Zabby is an accountant and she'll watch the store and see to it that our roads are paved with quality workmanship for a change.  We need to employ more local people.



Zabby, with the urging of her supporters, is now carrying on the campaign for 2013 Brookhaven Town Highway Superintendent .  It's "Zabby Against the Machine".  She with the help of the good working class and with the help of the rank and file union members (both public and private) will steadily overturn the corporate machine's political operator, Edward Romaine.


Zabby and her associates will continue to confront the Culture of Corruption in Crookhaven.  Zabby is currently focused on the highway Budget where 39 cents of every tax dollar IN HIGHWAY FUNDS GOES to PAY DEBT SERVICE.  THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.  Zabby believes that the $60,000,000/year Highway Budget should be managed by the Town Supervisor as it is in many other towns.

There should not be a separate elections for Highway Superintendent and Zabby will campaign to end them in the future.  Nevertheless, a Special Election for Brookhaven Superintendent of Highways is now underway. 

Zabby will be in the political arena to start a grassroots movement against the machine's rigged special election coming up in early 2013 by making it a three way race. 

Zabby's New Coalition will go up against political, economic and social injustice.  Zabby is willing to be a candidate for the Green Party or a write-in candidate for Highway Superintendent.  Whatever is necessary.  Please vote for her.  After this race, Zabby will run to replace Romaine on November 5, 2013.

Romaine was elected to the Suffolk County Legislature in 2005 and should have made himself aware of the bid-rigging swindle (a big tax drain) and then should have driven to freeze the assets of the bid-riggers and recover the theft of Suffolk County taxpayers' money.

While a Suffolk County Legislator, Romaine did not call for oversight for either the asphalt bid-rigging scandal or the economic collapse of the John J. Foley Nursing Home among other money schemes; Romaine allowed these same bid-riggers to take Suffolk County taxpayers for a ride even while attorney and public advocate Larry Gray of Smithtown sent alert letters to Christine Malaffi, County Attorney and the County Legislature. 

In January of 2006, newly appointed Brookhaven Town Attorney Bob Quinlan was aware of the situation and did nothing.  Connie Kepert did nothing.  The "culture of corruption" continues in "Crookhaven" through today.

It was Zabby, the People's Accountant, who found and exposed the discrepancy and criminal overcharge in the proposed 2006 Brookhaven Town Highway Department Budget to Brookhaven's taxpayers one month before the asphalt bid-riggers were indicted in November of 2005.

Zabby is quick to point out that this was the first year the white collar criminals were found out and caught!  How many years had this been underway?  How many years did they get away with it? How much did taxpayers lose?  and in how many other towns and counties - not to mention states and nations?

Romaine Serves Banksters 

Now Romaine, just elected Supervisor of Brookhaven Town, will continue to serve the bankers (who loaned money to both Suffolk County and the Town of Brookhaven) to pay the asphalt bid-riggers and many other special interest groups who ripped off the taxpayers. 

Romain's first order of business as Supervisor is to pay the corrupt banksters who bonded the money to pay for corrupt bid-rigged Highway projects and questionable "capital" building and construction projects among other things. 

Now, 39 cents of every Brookhaven Town tax-dollar spent in Highway goes to pay off debt service!  This is unacceptable. 

Zabby will be asking for loan forgiveness and renegotiating all the rates of our huge debt service.  Zabby will stand up to these bankers.  Romaine doesn't even think in terms of challenging their rules.  He is only willing to go along with them.

Zabby Fought Cablevision

She'll Fight the Bankers as Well

Zabby fought Cablevision to get us our Government Access Channel 18 and saved taxpayers millions of dollars.  Zabby can fight the banksters for us just as well and succeed. 

Romaine plans to either 1) borrow more money  2) raise taxes to pay the banksters or 3) do both. 

Romaine may have cleverly lied with statistics provided during the November 29th, 2012 Work Session.  Misleading us, Romaine implied that even if taxpayers paid double what they do now, that the doubled amount would only cover the debt service in the General Fund and nothing else! 

In a handout given out at the 11/29/12 Work Session (Ed Romaine's first Session), it was stated that "Debt Service Exceeds Property Taxes in the General Fund by 50%."

Actually Zabby believes that the handout's figure was off by one decimal point.  The handout should have stated "Debt Service Exceeds Property Taxes in the General Fund by 5% (not 50%). 

On November 29, 2012, Romaine asked Tamara Wright, Commissioner of Finance, if Romaine would be correct in interpreting this statement if Romaine said that taxes would have to be raised by a factor of two (2) to just cover the debt service to the banks.

Romaine stated in effect that taxpayers should be charged double what they currently pay toward the General Fund in taxes just to cover the debt service to the banks.  Romaine's setting us up for a tax increase big time and/or for bigger debt.

Zabby noted that Romaine was not interpreting it correctly; in fact, Romaine was in error.  Worse yet, Romaine further compounded the "50%" error by calling it a "factor of two", thus implying that taxpayers should be paying twice as much in property taxes rather than half as much.  But then, that amount wouldn't even cover the other expenses - only the debt service! 

Actually Zabby believes Wright was off by one decimal point.  Wright's handout should have stated "Debt Service Exceeds Property Taxes in the General Fund by 5% (not 50%).  Thus, taxes would need to be raised by 5% to cover the debt service to the banksters.

No matter how you look at it (50%, 100%, or 5%), Brookhaven Town is bankrupt just like Lesko predicted we would be in 2012. The Town Board isn't even aware or maybe they are.  What was being said in this Work Session is a veiled attempt to cover up the financial disaster.

But in any case, using the bogus statistic given of "50%", Romaine should have used 1 and a 1/2 or 1.5 not 2.  It's arithmetic, Ed.  Where were you, Ed Romaine, during your math class?  And this man is in charge of our money? Nobody in the room corrected him.  What does that say about the other 6 councilpeople:  Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld, Jane Bonner, Kathy Walsh, Connie Kepert, Tim Mazzei and Dan Panico?

Using the "50%" figure given, the actual factor would be 1.5 not "2".

The Town Board has hired financial consultants from Munistat - to help us get  good ratings with firms like Dun & Bradstreet  and other bond rating corporations so that Ed Romaine can create more debt (loans) for our Town- making us serfs to the bankers.

Don't fall for Romaine's rhetoric.  If the Commissioner of Finance's figures are reliable (and Zabby thinks there may be a typo in reference to the decimal place) it would mean that in the General Fund, we owe the banks half again what we are paying already for taxes but that may not be the case if it were a typo.   It may be that we only owe the banks 5% or (.05) more than we are already paying - not 50% or (.5) more. 

In other words, Romaine would like us to believe that we need to pay 1&1/2 times (or 150%) what we pay now.  That would justify his raising taxes in 2014.  He could use bogus numbers to mislead us so that we sit idly by while paying more than what we currently pay in taxes and try to convince us that it would only cover the debt service.

Of course, Romaine tried to say we needed to pay twice what we were paying as we already explained.  In other words he took the typo and really blew it out of proportion.

Zab Taught Math

According to the September 13, 2012 Tentative 2013 Budget, the amount to be raised in taxes to cover the General Fund (parts A & B) is $26,916,442.  However $28,614976 is the total Debt Service listed for both parts A & B of the General Fund. 

The debt service to banks is greater than the taxes collected which are used toward the expenditures of this particular fund (General) of the three major funds in the Town of Brookhaven.  Thus, Debt Service is 6% more than taxes raised. 

Of course, even this 6% figure is not good news but debt does not exceed property taxes by 50% as stated in the Nov. 29, 2012 handout.

Zabby went back to the September figures for a cross check on the Town's November calculation.  Thus Zabby found that the Town's statement that debt is 50% more than taxes raised is in error.

The November figures used by the Town are based on more updated figures.  These more recent figures include a smaller $25,600,000 amount for Debt Service as stated in the November 29, 2012 Work Session handout. 

Although, on that date the new tax assessment was not also stated, it too had been probably adjusted down.  With both these same figures, Zabby would have calculated 5% down from the 6% calculated with September's figures but Zabby only had one and had to interpolate or estimate.  

Interpolating, these adjustments in the actual budget two months later most likely account for the difference between 6% derived using the September 13, 2012 Tentative Budget and what most likely should have read 5% (or 5% over the base tax) two months later in the November 29, 2012 Work Session Handout. 

 5% not 50%

Therefore, the handout should have said, "Debt Service Exceeds Property Taxes in the General Fund by 5%." - not  50%!   A decimal error!  and a BIG one which Romaine exploited and compounded by doubling an already bogus and misleading statistic - in effect calling it an increase of 100% or a factor of 2. 

People need this knowledge.  Without it they will keep electing Romaine and others like him who are fiscally irresponsible.  Zabby is an Accountant; she taught Statistics and she understands how politicians lie with statistics.  This is important information because people need to be informed so that we're not fooled again.

This explains what appears to be a miscalculation of 50% (50% more than the base tax figure). 

Off by A Decimal Point

By all indications, Tamara Wright was off by one decimal point.  It wasn't "50%" using her November figures but rather 5% over the 100% or base tax figure.   

Correctly translated this would mean that taxes would have to increase by 5% to cover the debt service alone in the General Fund - not 50%.  It should be pointed out that just using this statistic as Romaine did is misleading in itself because it is taken out of context and presents a compartmentalized picture rather than the whole.

 Taxpayers Sold Out  

To cover the deficit, there are fees but those fees are more of a burden on the middle class and the poor while the 1% get fee subsidies or "entitlements."   For instance the 1% get to park and land their private jets and planes at Calabro Airport for practically nothing.  The rich are parking their yachts at Port Jeff Marina and others for bargain rates.  Meanwhile we have to pay to park our cars at our parks and beaches.  Our kids have to pay to play ball in our parks.

The airport and marinas like other facilities are mismanaged with no oversight.  For example, we can no longer use the amphitheater for picnics on the grass as we listen to free concerts with local artists.  It is being leased by a private concern which somehow is able to make a profit although the government couldn't.   How is it they can't run thing at a profit?  Simple.  They have plans to sell off taxpayer assets at bargain basement prices to insiders - to their friends and campaign contributors. 

Both Republicans and Democrats bailed out the banks.  Vote against the establishment, the bankers and "politics as usual" by electing Zabby on the Green Party Line or write-in line if the Greens can't get their act together in time for the upcoming tentative January 15, 2012 election for Superintendent of Highways. 

In 2005, it was Zabby who discovered the overspend for highway submitted by John Rouse to the proposed 2006 John J Lavalle Budget in October - one month before the five bid-riggers were formally indicted.  Zabby will say no to austerity and no to the bankers; she'll hire more people by re-negotiating the money solicited by banks and readily being forked over by corrupt politicians who most likely solicited bribes.  Zabby will ask for loan forgiveness from the banks like Mexico got during Bill Clinton's Presidency.

Zabby, the People's Accountant will manage the $68,780,605 in the Highway Department's Fund and budget properly and protect the hard and honest town workers and union members by sorting them out from those few corrupt people who have raided and stolen from town tax-payers, including the town employees, and left us with lay-offs and austerity due to their greed.  Most likely, it was an inside job as the people in charge sold out our Town and Suffolk County.  Why should these few ruin it for the other good and honest Town and County workers?  Ed Romaine is part of the machine and its corruption.  

In this bad economy, the politicos have a new gravy train via - Special Elections - the current version of musical chairs creating jobs at taxpayer expense for the employees of the Board of Elections and those granted patronage jobs to man the Special Elections at a whopping $200 a day for essentially baby sitting the voting machines during these Special Elections which usually engender  a poor turnout anyway.

The total to replace former Supervisor Mark Lesko could escalate to over one million dollars for Suffolk County taxpayers because of the domino ripple effect.  Now besides Romaine, elected officials Kathy Walsh, Tom Muratore, Dan Losquadro, and Connie Kepert are vying for the Superintendent of Highway position vacated prematurely by John Rouse.

Rouse's Superintendent of Highways position is now paying $98,534 in the Town of Brookhaven.  If one of these already elected officials wins, their seat will have to in turn be filled with someone in you guessed it - a money guzzling Special Election !

Sean Walter, Supervisor of Riverhead and Al Krupski, Councilperson of Southold are vying for Ed Romaine's old seat.  Therefore, you guessed it again - another Special Election to replace that winner !

Stop the Gravy Train  

Special Elections have become the new Temporary Employment Agency for patronage jobs at taxpayer expense !!!!  Zabby will stand up against this political and economic injustice by making these races three-way.  Write in Zabby's name on the last line of your Ballot under the column marked "Superintendent of Highways".  Stop the gravy train.

Zabby has a lot of solutions:  There should be a progressive property tax based on income (circuit breaker legislation) so that businesses who are doing extremely well, whether or not due to good business sense or fraud, should pay more than businesses who are struggling in this poor economy engineered by banking bid-riggers.  It's time that the 1% to 20%  making more than $250,000/per year pay for their entitlements.   Businesses who are not doing well should not have to lose their property because they can't pay the taxes.

Of course, residents should also have a progressive property tax based on income as well.  Zabby will see about putting her idea forward so that the state will redo the law to pomote economic justice.

At the very top of the corrupt gravy train, the LIBOR group of world bankers rigged the interbank official interest rate so low that it caused town employees pension funds to decrease.  That rate is what banks charge each other for overnight or short term loans. That group is now being sued by other municipalities throughout America and the Town of Brookhaven should get on the band wagon which is now passing on our streets which should be paved in gold.  Zabby will get the 99%  or bottom 80% a tax subsidy for a change. 

Given all the money we paid, our streets should be paved with gold.  The theft of taxpayers' money by the asphalt paving companies is grand larceny.   These crooks who were only caught once in 2005 probably bilked us (taxpayers of Suffolk County and the Town of Brookhaven) for years.

These corporate pirate asphalt and cement companies probably are operating in Every Town, America as well.  In fact, Zabby stopped one in the Town of Smithtown by reporting it to Lawrence and Joanne Gray.

Contact Info:

Contact Zabby's staff at (631) 569-6802 to help her out.  See Zabby's website: 

P.S.  Romaine unashamedly and brazenly will limit free speech in the Town of Brookhaven.  So much for his oath to uphold the Constitution and open government.  He will create a law to limit the the people's thoughts on government.  Is this what America looks like?  What kind of Republican is he?

Keep on trucking, Zabby!

January 19, 2013 Congratulations Al Krupski!  He won with 6445 votes to Sean Walter's 3076 votes.

January 15, 2013 Special Election

For the 1st Legislative District

Suffolk County, New York

Sean Walter Against Al Krupski

There was a Special Election on Tuesday January 15, 2013 for the First Legislative District of the Suffolk County Legislature to fill Ed Romain's old seat.  Both Sean Walter & Al Krupski are against reckless greedy, vulture over-development which has been euphemised as "Smart Growth" and will stand up for our quality of life.

Listen to Zabby's interviews with the candidates Sean Walter and Al Krupski on WUSB.FM archives on the internet.* They were interviewed January 14, 2013 between 1:30pm - 3pm on Zabby's show "A Woman's Perspective on Politics".



Greens Missed $98,500 Job for Highway Superintend.

Posted on January 13, 2013 at 4:20 PM

Greens Missed

Yet a Third Opportunity

For a Special Election &

   $98,500 Job in Brookhaven


At the January 2, 2012 Brookhaven Green Party Members gathering, Suffolk County Chairman Roger Snyder ADAMANTLY stated that he didn't think he'd have the time to process papers for a Special Election slated  March 5, 2013 for Brookhaven Superintendent of Highways because the Green Party's by-laws were more "ethical" than those of the major parties.  Pride kills the cat.

Meantime, on that very night, the Democratic Party Chairman Mark Alessi was still looking for a candidate and was determined to get one and to process the papers on time which would have met a January 15, 2013 deadline.  Alessi succeeded.

Snyder has dropped the ball again.  Snyder has given away shamefully the election to the Democrats and Republicans when he had two candidates in front of him to choose from and the whole Suffolk County Green Executive Committee was present along with a potential Brookhaven Town Co-ordinating Committee as required by the by-laws.

Snyder misled the people by stating that he couldn't designate a candidate "honestly" and with "integrity" at this January 2nd meeting which was advertised for the purpose of getting candidates for 2013 for Brookhaven Town.  Snyder just didn't want to do it.  Was something rotten in Denmark? 

But If we give Synder the benefit of the doubt, perhaps, it is only a difference of opinion and philosophy between the Suffolk Green Party Committee and the new Green Party members as to how to build a party at the local level.   Snyder essentially said there was not enough time or money.   The majority of Brookhaven Green Party members disagreed.  

According to the new members, by not promoting Greens in Special Elections, Snyder is promoting the Democrats and Republicans and supporting the stranglehold they have over politics in Suffolk County

Some Grassroots Democracy when a five member committee determines what is right according to their opinion and philosophy which Zabby believes is a one size fits all strategy!   The majority of Brookhaven residents present a the meeting wanted a candidate to run in the local Special Election.

But from an accounting and auditing standpoint of their internal work process, Zabby said they made sorry excuses for their inability to get the job done.  Perhaps, she thinks they were programmed by top down management to "build" the party according to those in the National Party.  Is this a wise and effective strategy at the local level.  They spoke as if their "system" and "best practices" were the only way to win elections.  But then, where is their track record at any level of government? 

Snyder and Wilder said in effect that the Green Party by-laws had more red tape than the Democrat or Republican by-laws.  Why is that?  The Greens have made the noose; they have tied it around their necks and hung themselves with their own by-laws!   Is it arrogance or stupidity?

The Greens have created the unlevel playing field for themselves. The Greens own by-laws need to be amended to make it easier for the Suffolk County Green Committee to place candidates on the ballot in a Special Election.

Embarrassingly for Chairman Snyder, there were two very qualified people who were willing to run in the Special Election but Snyder refused to consider either.  He had made up his mind that there would be no candidates for the Highway Superintendent Special Election, although a month earlier, the five person committee unanimously chose Zabby to run for Supervisor of Brookhaven in that Special Election.

Zabby, who is now embedded in the Green Party and auditing it, thinks that not using Special Elections as a vehicle for promoting the Green Party is inefficient and ineffective management. 

At one point in the meeting Synder said that the Green Party was not able, at any level compete with the major candidates in terms of money.  Then he implied that money always wins.  So why then have a Green Party, Mr. Snyder, if you believe you need money to win and you don't have any?  The treasurer's report, given minutes before by  Wendy Dann, was that the Green Party essentially had no money.  So what do they expect- pennies from heaven?  They're never going to have more money, they should face it and creatively adjust.  

Contrary to Mr. Snyder's belief, money is not necessary to win an election.

But if one listens to Snyder's negativity, there will never be a Green Party victory, will there? 

What about the Greens like Marisa Pizza who are gunge-ho on "Move to Amend" against the Citizens United Supreme Court decision?  Are they going to wait for judicial justice before they particiapate in a Special Election or any other for that matter.  Are they going to wait till the courts level the playing field?  It would seem that they are spinning their wheels if they are going to wait till the Supreme Court decision is reversed before they run candidates on a level paying field.  Zabby ponders then why even have a Green Party of Suffolk? 

Is the Suffolk County Green Party just the Suffolk County National Green Party?  Even there, where were the candidates in 2012?  For example, why didn't the Green Party have a candidate to run against incumbent Tim Bishop or his Republican challenger Randy Altzschuler in 2012?  What about against the national incumbents Peter King and Steve Israel?

The Green Party Committee should give new members the benefit of the doubt when they offer to run for local office, appreciating, encouraging and supporting them and their enthusium. 

Money isn't necessary to win local elections.  Creativity, inspiration, enthusiasm, authenticity, knowledge of local issues, integrity, honesty with common sense solutions can win.

Given Snyder's, Wilder's and Lavery's judgments, these men obviously lack in discernment in recognizing the above assets as potential party builders at the local level.  At least, these three committee members seem jaded. 

The problem may be that they are attempting to apply the "best practices" and national strategies for running state and Presidential campaigns to local politics.  Money does influence those races.  At the local election level, a shoe-leather and word-of-mouth campaign can oftentimes out-do corporate money. 

Snyder, Wilder and Vice- Chairman Matt Lavery wanted perfectly "qualified" candidates and even recommended Candidate School for a year!  Come on!  This is just a Brookhaven Town race.  Even Jill Stein wasn't perfect and notice she didn't win but at least she was on the ballot! 

Zabby thinks Snyder and others on the Executive Committee should graciously resign because if there are no candidates, there is no party.   Where are there any Green Party Representatives for Suffolk County residents, or for that matter, in general at any other level of government?  Why isn't there a Green Party in Brookhaven or any other town in Suffolk County?

Why does the Green Party exist?  To run a Presidential candidate who is bound to lose?  Why are good people wasting their time, hopes and integrity on the National Green Party for all these years with nothing to show - no Green Harvest? 

They should be running candidates in local elections to build a true grassroots democracy and allow for a diversity of creative election strategies on shoe-string budgets.

Maybe the Green party was created to get good people out of the major parties and thus divert good people from running interference by running primaries in the major parties.  

Perhaps, Zabby's original idea that people should join the major parties and not third parties was the best strategy but then again maybe not.  Zabby still believes that the Green Party could be a great force at the local level in 2013.

The Green Party has integrity;  It only runs enrolled Green Party members as candidates; thus it offers a real alternative to twiddle-le-dumb and twittle-lee-dumber.  It opens the door to three way races at the local level with people from the neighborhood.

Those Greens interested in occupying local seats in government now have that opportunity thanks to the heavy lifting that the Green Party did in New York in 2010 when they got over 30,00 petition signatures and over 50,000 votes for their gubernatorial candidate.

Maybe, there still is hope for the Greens at the local level because it now has ballot access at the village, town and county level.  Yet, there was no Green Harvest in 2011.  Why were there no Green candidates in the 2011 local elections in Suffolk?  From the way it looks, given the current negative and nationally focused leadership, there won't be a Green Harvest in 2013 either.

So it's time to gather both new Green Party with established members who agree that the County Party should be nurturing local candidates to fill village, town and County positions rather than National Presidential elections.  Any Green Party member can run for office in 2013 without the current Suffolk Green Party's Executive Committee's help by getting signatures on petitions.

New and established Greens can then gather a minimal number of petition signatures from among themselves and force out the current Executive Committee and change the direction of the Green Party of Suffolk.  Make the by-laws less stringent and limiting.

If you are one of the 300 Green Party members in Brookhaven Town, start now to get yourself elected on November 5, 2013 and you don't need the party bosses to do it.    


$112,000 Job for Green Party Brookhavenite

Posted on November 24, 2012 at 10:05 AM


November 24, 2012  Zabby, with the urging of her supporters, is now carrying on the campaign for 2013 Brookhaven Town Supervisor.  It's "Zabby Against the Machine".  She with the help of the good working class and with the help of the rank and file union members (both public and private) will overturn the corporate machine's political operator, Edward Romaine.

See Zabby on Public Access Television every Tuesday on Channel 20 @ 11am & hear her on the Stony Brook radio Mondays,1:30pm - 3pm, 90.1FM or hear the radio show in the archives at www.WUSB.FM.  For her complete TV schedule, go to our Power(About Us) page on above menubar. 

Green Party Brookhaven Town members could have got a job paying $112,000/year.  No signature gathering would have been necessary.  All that was needed was automatic ballot access with Green Party's stamp of approval.  But not one Green party member of 300 in Brookhaven Town would come forward.  So in stepped Zabby.

Zabby carefully and thoughtfully examined the Green Party's values and came forward in order to occupy the ballot at Ian Wilder's suggestion but Ian Wilder, Secretary of the Suffolk County Green Party Committee and Rodger Synder, Chair of the County Green Party Committee blew it.   Although Zabby was unanimously approved as the Green party nominee, Wilder and Synder fumbled the ball; they did not file the papers naming her on time.

Zabby changed her party affiliation to Green from Republican because Special Elections don't allow for rank and file Republicans or Democrats to run primaries.  The two major party bosses had rigged the up and coming special election for Brookhaven Town Supervisor on Nov 6, 2012 so that Ed Romaine would win with no challengers except fo on sacrificial lamb who had no chance.  This is the second time in a row.  Mark Lesko replaced Brian Foley in 2008.

Zabby then screened for the office.  Wilder and Synder knew far in advance that Zabby would be changing parties but they did not use forethought and prepare in advanceAlthough the whole Committee had picked Zabby as their candidate, Wilder and Synder couldn't get organized in time, didn't anticipate the process and missed the opportunity to run a candidate in a local election because they failed to get the papers in on time to the Board of Elections in Yaphank.   Zabby was the committee's pick and she would have had her name printed on the ballot had the papers been filed on time but now she is their official write-in candidate.

Perhaps, Ian Wilder and Roger Synder, together or singlely, unilaterally and purposely overided the rest of the Brookhaven Town and Suffolk County Green Commitee's unanimous decision to designate Zabby as their Green Party candidate for Brookhaven Town Supervisor by not getting the papers filed with the Yaphank Board of Elections on time.  People in the know (political insiders) think that is definitely a possibility. 

Roger Synder, the chair of the Suffolk County Green Committee, apologized to Zabby on September 28th and told her she could be their official write-in candidate and that he would promote her to the 300 green party members in the Town of Brookhaven.  Synder did follow through on that.  He directed Marisa Pizza, acting Brookhaven Town Green Chair and County Green Press Secretary,  to send out the e-mails to the 300 Brookhaven Greens. 

Contact Ian Wilder at  Ask him for his resignation.  Also, contact Roger Sneider and ask for his.  Tell Synder and Wilder, they missed an opportunity to promote the Green Party at the local level and get automatic ballot access in a Special Election which would have put the Green party into focus at the local level.

Zabby could have run a true grassroots democracy campaign to compete for the office of Supervisor in Brookhaven Town making it a three way race.  Zabby's an accountant.  As an accountant, she has the talents and creativity to help the Town out of its economic crisis.  She is not a political hack and a shill like Ed Romaine and Brian Beedenbender. 

Shame on Ian Wilder, an attorney, who said he was familiar with the paper he needed to file as the Secretary.  He seems always too busy to do Green Party business and should resign.  Shame on Roger Synder too;  both lacked the forethought needed to get the job done.

However, the most logical reason to ask for both their resignations, along with that of Vice-Chair Matt Lavery, is that the three are embedded in National Green Party business and are not really that interested in local town, village and Suffolk County poliitics.

Wilder is a Green fundamentalist - a peacenik.  He is focused on ending all wars and is focused on achieving that end at the Federal level by getting a Green candidate elected as President of the U.S.   He's an idealist and an ideolog.  Local politics is not his priority so he should be on the State and or National Commitees - not the Suffolk County Committee.   Why should he care about Brookhaven; he has given up on politics in his own town of Babylon?  It wasn't worth Ian Wilder's time to get a local candidate on the ballot for Brookhaven Supervisor so he fumbled the ball.

Wilder was too busy writing on Facebook everyday, using it to get Jill Stein elected as President and garner support to end all wars.   He has made no progress on that front because the task is unrealistic and flies in the face of human nature.

Wilder, a very talented artist, should further develop his talents and excellent website with his talented wife.  They write beautiful poetry and articles together. 

So we suggest Wilder join the National Committee and let Marisa Pizza take overThe Green Party needs more organization nationally.  For example, one time California and New York didn't even run the same person for President.  One wanted Nader and the other wanted McKinney.

Wilder and Synder both need to step down for the sake of the local party.   Ironically, the Suffolk Greens are not organized at the grassroots level in the ten Town of Suffolk although  "Grassroots Democracy is one of their "Four Pillars".  Even Marisa Pizza, acting Brookhaven Green Chair,  agrees that there are no active Greens in the town of Brookhaven besides her and Cynthya Rossi even though 300 people are registered as Greens in the town with a population of  almost 500,000.  There are 1700 Green party members in Suffolk which has a population of 1.5 million.  Ian Wilder and Rodger Synder should be working on the National Green Party Committee since they have myopic vision when it comes to local politics:  county, town and village.

Rodger Synder should have exercised forethought and planning as well as Ian Wilder and so Synder is just as responsible, if not more for not getting the designating papers filed on time. Therefore, he too should resign along with Wilder.


The current Supervisor, Mark Lesko's last day was September 14, 2012;  Lesko abandoned the town for a higher paying job working for the so-called "Accelerate L.I." under the Long Island Assciation's  Board which is run by bankers and corporatists under the Long Island Association's Banner.  The problem is that Lesko is accelerating in the wrong direction.  Mark Alessi, Chair of the Brookhaven Democratic Party is joining Lesko at Accelerate L.I. for another high paying job as well.  Doesn't that take the cake?  Both are be taken out by the bankers. 

Because of Ian Wilder and Rodger Synder, Brookhaven Town won't get the three way race it deserved to have with Zabby's name printed on the Green line.   See home page for more.  

September 14, 2012 BREAKING NEWS:   Supervisor Mark Lesko is resigning.  Green Party member sought for his job - paying $112,000. No signatures needed.  Automatic ballot access with Green Party's stamp of approval.